Logitech’s new G502 X gaming mice come with optical-mechanical switches, refined designs


Logitech’s G502 X gaming mouse lineup debuts their new Lightforce hybrid switches, which eliminate debounce delay and are immune to double-clicking issues. They also feature the company’s top sensor, an adjustable DPI shift button, and a hyper-fast (infinite) scroll wheel.

Logitech just announced the G502 X series, an overhaul of one of its most popular lines of gaming mice. The new mice retain a similar shape to their predecessor but add new features while shedding some weight. The lineup consists of the wired G502 X, the wireless G502 X Lightspeed, and the top-end G502 X Plus which adds RGB lighting.

All three mice come with Logitech’s new Lightforce hybrid optical-mechanical switches. These combine the crisp and tactile feedback of mechanical switches with the speed and reliability of optical switches, as they don’t have a debounce delay and aren’t susceptible to double-clicking issues.

Another feature all of these G502 X variants share is the adjustable DPI shift button. Users can reverse it to bring it closer to their thumb or replace it entirely with the included blank cover if it interferes with their grip style. The mice also ship with Logitech’s flagship Hero 25K sensor while keeping the original G502’s handy hyper-fast scroll wheel that can tilt left and right.

The G502 X Lightspeed and G502 X Plus feature Lightspeed wireless connectivity (but no Bluetooth) with an updated dual-device receiver, allowing you to operate a Logitech G915, G915 TKL, or G715 gaming keyboard on the same wireless adapter simultaneously. Additionally, both mice are compatible with the company’s Powerplay wireless charging mats.

Both mice charge through USB-C, with Logitech claiming the G502 X Lightspeed has a 140-hour battery life. The Plus version drops that to 120 hours without any lighting or 37 hours with RGB on. It also has a play detection feature that turns the LEDs off while you’re holding the mouse.

The new G502 X models come in black and white color options and are now available to pre-order. The wired G502 X costs $79.99, the G502 X Lightspeed is $139.99, while the flashy G502 X Plus comes in at $159.99.